Welcome to the Happy Hill Endeavors Company


Why Happy Hill?

Our ancestors came to America over 250 years ago in search of better lives. They made their way to the North Carolina Piedmont, settling near what is now Lexington, in Davidson County, where their farms and homesteads marked a small area that became known as Happy Hill.

That setting was home to the next 6 (and counting) generations of our families.

Through hard work, commitment, courage, and sacrifice, each subsequent generation has been able to enjoy and pass along increasingly greater levels of prosperity and well-being.

Today we realize only too well how much of our own success we owe to the opportunities we were given by the scores of others who came before us - shoulders of all sizes and descriptions on which we now stand.

It is our desire to honor their memory by reaching out to those around us who could use some help getting their own businesses off the ground, helping them set up and run enterprises that will improve their own lives as well as those of their families, employees, friends, neighbors, customers, and communities.

We dedicate the Happy Hill Endeavors Company to the love and spirit of all the members of our families, past, present, and future, and to the beautiful land so many of them once called home.

Happy Hill Endeavors Company Takes Form!

After years of speculation we're thrilled to announce the formation of the Happy Hill Endeavors Company, a social business, combining the structural advantages of a for-profit company with mission goals more typical of a non-profit organization, designed to provide funding and assistance to individuals and small businesses whose products and services help bring about better living conditions in communities where resources are limited.

In the Field

In considering and discussing various ways to put resources to work improving lives, we keep returning to the idea of creating an entity through which to channel money and help to people with great ideas for small businesses, especially businesses whose very existence might bring about positive change where it is needed most. It is our sincere desire to cultivate the Happy Hill Endeavors Company into an active, growing, and vital social business organization that seeks to provide a foundation and continued support for numerous small enterprises, helping the industrious help themselves and everyone around them.

Happy Hill Meadow

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